7 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail in Business

Starting a business and then for some reason it fails to meet the expectation of the owner could be disappointed. And there is a number of reason why most entrepreneurs fail in business. So if you wish to seek the following points that you must consider for a successful business. Then here are seven reasons stated by Carl Kruse that you can follow to reduce your business risk:


Not Smart Enough

Numerous business visionaries comprehend their thought, however not the market that will acknowledge or dismiss the thought. Nor do they see how unplanned, wild, unscheduled advancement really functions. Or, on the other hand, who the genuine contenders are. Frequently business people have too little area profundity: they truly don’t hear what they’re saying.

Not Finding Enough Funding

Business people regularly fizzle since they can’t raise the correct sort of financing at the perfect time at the correct valuation. Business people fizzle since they don’t know how to esteem their organization. Or stage speculations along courses of events intended to upgrade valuations. They neglect to acknowledge how much cash it takes to meet points of reference.

Horrible Soft Skills

Business visionaries regularly fall flat since they’re not housebroken. In light of the fact that they talk their psyches regardless of how improper or untimely the circumstance might be. In the event that a business visionary can’t tune in, is uncertain, irascible and bigoted of contradicting suppositions, he or she will fizzle.

Bad Partners

Business people frequently come up short since they hang out with the wrong individuals. “Wrong” here is an expansive term according to Carl Kruse. It incorporates partners who concur with everything the business visionary says, “Great folks” that others underwrite yet are new to the business person.

Ineffective Sales

Business visionaries regularly come up short since they can’t pitch. To the correct customers at the opportune time at the correct cost. Start-up deals are clearly in a general sense unique in relation to the deals that set up organizations appreciate on a practically programmed pace. Great business people see all structures and kinds of beacon deals forms, logo chasing, how to purchase the privileges, early clients.


While it’s occasionally great to have confidence in wonders, it’s no real way to run a start-up. Business people who flop regularly do as such in light of the fact that they trust they will change the world and if the world doesn’t welcome their power, it’s the world’s blame, not theirs.

Market Invisibility

Business visionaries frequently come up short in light of the fact that their organizations are undetectable. To the world since they can’t stand to burn through cash on promoting. This is an immense slip-up that a few business visionaries profit gets tight. Cleaning items and administrations until the point that they sparkle splendidly in the daylight is a misuse of cash. Brilliant business visionaries get the word out ahead of schedule and frequently by means of all accessible media, particularly computerized media.

These are the following 7 Reasons provided by Carl Kruse that why most entrepreneurs fail in business.


The Top Business Challenges For A New Entrepreneur

If you want to start a new business, there are certain challenges that may arise in your journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. These challenges are even more rigid if you are a newcomer.
Carl Kruse
Carl Kruse who himself an entrepreneur and have more than 25 years of experience, pointing some critical challenges that you may face If you’re just getting into the game, or you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.

Choosing The Right Business

If your business doesn’t help people, doesn’t provide a solution, or doesn’t give people something they want then your business is worthless. To do a great business you should own great product or service. If you believe in your products, only then you can make people believe in it.

Funding The Business

It is the most critical challenge as we know the money is the main resource for any kind of business. So here we have two solutions:
  • To borrow money from some other people or bank loan.
  • Use only a small amount of money and find a creative way to get your business going.

Making Customers

There is a certain type of person who will be your customer. Not everybody in the world is buying what you’re selling, so your job is to simply find the people who are in need of your service. If you have a quality product then people will automatically come to you, no need to spend hundreds or thousands on marketing.

Recruiting Employees

As a small entrepreneur, typically the last thing you’ll do is hire employees. You’ll want to hire employees when your workload is too much to handle yourself and you have the revenue to pay your employee.

Simple Ways To Stay Positive As An Entrepreneur

Many people believe the main issue in their life is their income and that by changing their income they will change their life in such a way they will be happy. But first, you must change your mindset, while will then change your income and ultimately your life. It must be done in this particular order, much like planting a garden, to get the results you want.


As an Entrepreneur, there will always be setbacks, so you must re-visit these steps on a regular basis.

Actively Work On Your Mindset

How you do this is personal to you. You may find it by reading or listening to motivational books, meditating, yoga or exercise. Maybe you feel more positive when you talk to certain people in your life on a regular basis, or it may be a combination of many things. Whatever helps you remain positive, do it on a consistent, regular basis. This is something every successful leader works on all the time.

Stop Comparing

Most everyone is guilty of this. Remember that everyone starts from the beginning. Every successful person goes through their own struggles. If you compare yourself with others, it will hold you back.

Keep Focused On What You Want To Become

This is slightly different from your why. Keep doing the daily activities that will get you where you want to go.

Learn  To Become A Happier Person

No matter what, if you are generally feeling unhappy, it is impossible to have that positive feeling. You actually can become a happier person in general by developing strategies to overcome this. Learn to see things from another point of view and give up the need to be right all the time.

Never Hold On To The Past

Accept what has happened in your life and move on. Move forward. Things are going to happen and you must learn to simply move on. Learn to separate your business success from whatever is holding you back.

Smile! Laugh! Relax!

Give yourself a much-needed break from time to time. Have some down time and reward yourself when you reach small goals you have set for yourself.

To become successful as an Entrepreneur, you must first change your mindset before you change your income, which will have an impact on your life. Trying to go through these steps out-of-order simply doesn’t work. Once you change your mindset, the rest will follow.

Reasons Why Small Business Fails

Entrepreneurs are determined, competitive and they have the personal qualities they need to run a successful business. But still, some of them fails to take their business to the next level.

Carl Kruse is listing here some of the most common mistakes that small business owners make in their business operation.

Carl Kruse is an entrepreneur and consultant.He is highly active in the non-profit sector. He helps nonprofit organizations to raise fund to support society.

Why You Should Consider Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur makes you a better person. There are numerous reasons for this. From being your own boss and making the rules, to having a more flexibility, enhancing the quality of life around and the ability to work anywhere you want.

Here are few reasons shared by Carl Kruse, that why entrepreneurship makes you amazing.

Mr. Carl Kruse is an eminent entrepreneur and Specialized consultant.He had worked with the political risk arm of Kroll Associates in Washington, D.C. where he was the director of its information & intelligence service. He is highly active in the non-profit sector, particularly with organizations that focus on science, the environment, education, and art.

How to Motivate Your Employees?

A good employment is very tough to find, but every entrepreneur knows a good employee is even harder to keep. To get the most from your employees, you need to motivate them.Keeping your employees motivated is challenging for any business owner or manager. Happy workers are productive workers.

In this video, Carl Kruse has shared some key tactics to keep your employees motivated.

Carl Kruse has more than 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and consultant. He is highly active in the non-profit sector, particularly with organizations that focus on science, the environment, education, and art.

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?


Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. Discipline, dedication, and passion are the key factors, however, some good habit also plays an important role in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur is different, but all have a common goal to achieve. You can check which characteristic you already possess. If you do not have all the characteristics, don’t worry. You will possess rest of the characteristics with practice & strategic planning.————–

Carl Kruse here giving the ideas behind Successful Entrepreneurship.

Plan Your Day in Advance:

From the biography of many successful entrepreneurs, you will learn a very basic, however, most crucial thing about starting a day is plan your day advance. It is very easy in business to let other’s run your day according to their priorities. However, you should take a time to plan your day in advance. Phone calls, Business meetings, appointments, emails never end. You should plan your priorities according to their importance.

Set Real Goals:

To become a successful entrepreneur one should set the real & achievable goals. Make short term goals to measure your success rate. Once you set the goal, your instinct continually pushes you to achieve it.You can set a long-term, mid-term and short-term goal to clear the confusion what to do next.

Get Proper Nutrition and Exercise:

The healthy and fit body gives you the strength to unlock the path of your dreams. You need to be active throughout the day. Take plenty of water, have your breakfast and keep moving to stay fit.

Take Calculated Risks:

It’s good to take risks, but that should not be for fun. Calculated risk often seems crazy, however, those who take calculated risks in business knows the numbers and probabilities behind it.

Know your strengths and weakness:

A true businessman knows their strengths and weakness and it takes humility to judge yourself. Once you know about your strengths and weakness, it is easier for you to decide who to hire, who to partner with and what skills you possess.

Hire A team, players:

Another crucial factor which decides your success is the quality of your staff. Entrepreneurs who afraid to hire A-team players often close the door of their success. They either feel impeded or they won’t offer the incentives essential to hire the best.

Above listed entrepreneur skills and behavior will give you a vision of a good leadership and unstoppable entrepreneur.

Carl Kruse has more than 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and consultant. He is highly active in the non-profit sector, particularly with organizations that focus on science, the environment, education, and art.

What are the four things Every Non-Profit Organization Needs?

Non Profit Organization

The non-profit organization works for a cause and distribute its revenue to achieve its mission. Stakeholders of the nonprofit organization won’t get profit’s share. The leader of the nonprofit organization wants to create change in the society to achieve their motive. To achieve their desired cause, some things they must have in place.

  • Raise enough money to support cause
  • Strategic direction to achieve the goal
  • Move the needle on a social problem
  • Sufficient organization infrastructure
  • Effective board of directors

Carl Kruse

To achieve above listed goals every nonprofit have to place 4 key things in place.

A theory of Change

Nonprofit organizations formed to meet some sort of social problem. Unlike for-profit organization, nonprofit cannot use their monetary bottom line as an indicator of success. Theory of change should be implemented to know how they take community resources and turn them into social change.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan does not mean to pretend the action plan in place.  Staff and stakeholders have made up a plan only to put on walls. A real strategic plan which elaborates the day to day work of the organization ends into the inspiring result. A real strategic plan leads to real solutions of a social problem.

A Financing Plan

The price tag associated with the strategic plans taken into account to plan big goals for future. The nonprofit organization must understand that how they bring enough money to finance that plan. What are the potential sources of money? A clear road map to bring that money indoor facilitates the action plan to overcome a social issue. Next thing to consider is how to secure that money to perform other work of the organization. Raising fund for a social cause is bit difficult but if your strategic plan is clear, you won’t get much resistance to achieve that goal.

A Pitch for Capital

To provide more services to society “capital” money to make the nonprofit organization infrastructure is needed. To build a stronger, effective and efficient organization, few nonprofit organizations go out to raise revenue. To educate people to invest in the organization, you need not have an infrastructure for a nonprofit organization with a compelling pitch for capacity capital that can change. Stakeholders are forcing to spend every single penny on services, with no money for infrastructure.

These are the building blocks of any nonprofit organization and we know that many problems have to tackle to achieve the social goal behind its foundation.

Carl Kruse appreciates and supports nonprofit organization who endlessly works for social causes. He helps nonprofit organizations to raise fund to support society. To connect with Carl Kruse click on carlkruse.org

Start Helping the World With Carl Kruse

We all live in a society and in fact, man created the societies to encourage the wealth and physical well-being of its members. Being a social animal, humans can’t live alone. We have our family, friends to live with or to take care of us.

We all want to be happy and live peacefully with our loved ones however truth has another side too. We suffer grievances and pain finally feel broken and alone. There are nonprofits organizations planned to help a purpose. These nonprofit organization received the funds by charity or donations, used for the good of the society.

Carl Kruse is very active in the non-profit sector, mainly with organizations that emphasis on science, the environment, education, and art. He has traveled broadly all over Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and is fluent in English and Spanish and conversant in German, French, Portuguese and Finnish.

Carl Kruse

Let’s talk about some nonprofit organizations, he is associated with to help the world.

NO MORE TEARS” a non-profit organization which helps sufferers of domestic violence, most who tend to be disproportionally women and children. No More Tears founded by an amazing woman Somy Ali, who has devoted her life to the well-being of the society. Somy Ali does not pay any salary to his staff and 100% of the grant whether received by private or government sector directly goes to help victims. She has designed some programs that include the cost of doctors, immigration lawyers, rent, food, basic needs products.

Carl Kruse has organized an event on 28th February at Jimmy Choo, at the Shops at Merrick Park in Miami to raise funds for No More Tears.  The Aim behind this event is to spread the word about the cause. So if you want to shop some designer shoes then it’s the right time to shop and help at the same time for a good cause.

Humanity cost nothing but if you are spending some to help those who need it most, you surely have a good heart in a sound body.

Carl Kruse “No More Tears”

Carl Kruse

Carl Kruse remains on the break but his friend Daniela Frewa would like to tell you about “No More Tears,” a non-profit organization that aids victims of domestic violence, most who tend to be disproportionally women and children.

The person who founded No More Tears, Somy Ali, is an amazing woman who has dedicated her life to helping others. Nobody in the organization makes a salary, and 100% of all funds go directly to the programs that help victims. These programs include the cost of doctors, immigration lawyers, rent, food, basic needs products, and often English lessons, driving lessons, and courses to help with job placement.

This year Daniela (Carl Kruse ‘s friend) has decided to organize a large event to raise funds for No More Tears to take place in September. Until then, the organizing committee is focused on promotional event opportunities that will help spread the word about this cause.

The first event will take place Thursday, February 28th at Jimmy Choo, at the Shops at Merrick Park in Miami. Some will give a short speech about No More Tears and Jimmy Choo ( Miami )has agreed to donate a percentage of all purchases to No More Tears. So if you were thinking of getting some bling-bling shoes now is the time to do it and help a great organization at the same time.

The committee is tasked with bringing a great crowd to this event, it’s possible that Jimmy Choo will want to do more events with No More Tears which would be a wonderful opportunity.

Aside from hoping that you can join us, it would be great if you could share this invitation with any friends/clients/acquaintances that might be interested in shopping at Jimmy Choo. If they don’t want to come to the event or can’t make it, they can still shop (any day until the 28th) and mention No More Tears or show the invitation and the percentage will still be donated.

If you cannot attend, or have limited interest in Jimmy Choo, it would be great if you could consider a direct donation to No More Tears. No amount is too small.

Many thanks!