What are the four things Every Non-Profit Organization Needs?

Non Profit Organization

The non-profit organization works for a cause and distribute its revenue to achieve its mission. Stakeholders of the nonprofit organization won’t get profit’s share. The leader of the nonprofit organization wants to create change in the society to achieve their motive. To achieve their desired cause, some things they must have in place.

  • Raise enough money to support cause
  • Strategic direction to achieve the goal
  • Move the needle on a social problem
  • Sufficient organization infrastructure
  • Effective board of directors

Carl Kruse

To achieve above listed goals every nonprofit have to place 4 key things in place.

A theory of Change

Nonprofit organizations formed to meet some sort of social problem. Unlike for-profit organization, nonprofit cannot use their monetary bottom line as an indicator of success. Theory of change should be implemented to know how they take community resources and turn them into social change.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan does not mean to pretend the action plan in place.  Staff and stakeholders have made up a plan only to put on walls. A real strategic plan which elaborates the day to day work of the organization ends into the inspiring result. A real strategic plan leads to real solutions of a social problem.

A Financing Plan

The price tag associated with the strategic plans taken into account to plan big goals for future. The nonprofit organization must understand that how they bring enough money to finance that plan. What are the potential sources of money? A clear road map to bring that money indoor facilitates the action plan to overcome a social issue. Next thing to consider is how to secure that money to perform other work of the organization. Raising fund for a social cause is bit difficult but if your strategic plan is clear, you won’t get much resistance to achieve that goal.

A Pitch for Capital

To provide more services to society “capital” money to make the nonprofit organization infrastructure is needed. To build a stronger, effective and efficient organization, few nonprofit organizations go out to raise revenue. To educate people to invest in the organization, you need not have an infrastructure for a nonprofit organization with a compelling pitch for capacity capital that can change. Stakeholders are forcing to spend every single penny on services, with no money for infrastructure.

These are the building blocks of any nonprofit organization and we know that many problems have to tackle to achieve the social goal behind its foundation.

Carl Kruse appreciates and supports nonprofit organization who endlessly works for social causes. He helps nonprofit organizations to raise fund to support society. To connect with Carl Kruse click on carlkruse.org


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