Start Helping the World With Carl Kruse

We all live in a society and in fact, man created the societies to encourage the wealth and physical well-being of its members. Being a social animal, humans can’t live alone. We have our family, friends to live with or to take care of us.

We all want to be happy and live peacefully with our loved ones however truth has another side too. We suffer grievances and pain finally feel broken and alone. There are nonprofits organizations planned to help a purpose. These nonprofit organization received the funds by charity or donations, used for the good of the society.

Carl Kruse is very active in the non-profit sector, mainly with organizations that emphasis on science, the environment, education, and art. He has traveled broadly all over Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and is fluent in English and Spanish and conversant in German, French, Portuguese and Finnish.

Carl Kruse

Let’s talk about some nonprofit organizations, he is associated with to help the world.

NO MORE TEARS” a non-profit organization which helps sufferers of domestic violence, most who tend to be disproportionally women and children. No More Tears founded by an amazing woman Somy Ali, who has devoted her life to the well-being of the society. Somy Ali does not pay any salary to his staff and 100% of the grant whether received by private or government sector directly goes to help victims. She has designed some programs that include the cost of doctors, immigration lawyers, rent, food, basic needs products.

Carl Kruse has organized an event on 28th February at Jimmy Choo, at the Shops at Merrick Park in Miami to raise funds for No More Tears.  The Aim behind this event is to spread the word about the cause. So if you want to shop some designer shoes then it’s the right time to shop and help at the same time for a good cause.

Humanity cost nothing but if you are spending some to help those who need it most, you surely have a good heart in a sound body.


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